The Culdee Fell Railway is the Only rack railway of Sodor. It runs from Kirk Machcan to the Summit of Culdee Fell


  • Two rack railways are conceived, one in Wales and the other in Sodor


  • Three engines are built, Godred, Ernest and Wilfred.
  • Godred, Ernest, and Wilfred are sent to Sodor.


  • Five coaches are built and sent. None are named (although Culdee dubs his coach "Catherine".)
  • In addition, a matenince truck is built.

1899 Edit

  • One engine is built, Culdee.
  • Culdee is sent to Sodor.


  • The railway opens.
  • The railway's no 1, Godred has a sever accident on a mountain, as he was coming down from the summit station, being reckless like usual, he suddenly slipped off the line and plunged over the side. He rolled and crashed down the steep slopes of Culdee Fell. Fortunately, the coach stayed on the rails and Godred's crew had jumped out so no one was injured. Due to the accident, the railway temporary closes.
  • After being recovered from his accident, Godred is found damaged beyond repair and is sent to the back of the sheds. He was scrapped a few years later for being a waste of space.
  • One engine is built, Shane Dooiney.


  • The railway reopens.


  • The railway's red with black stripes livery is replaced with a purple with orange stripes livery.


  • The North Western Railway builds a line to Peel Godred to reach the Culdee Fell line.


  • Ernest is sent to Sweden for a ten year overhaul.


  • Ernest returns.
  • Wilfed leaves for Switzerland.


  • Wilfred returns.
  • Culdee leaves for Switzerland.


  • The railway builds three new locomotives, Lord Harry, Alaric, and Eric.
  • In addition two new coaches are built.


  • Culdee returns
  • Shane Dooiney leaves for Switzerland.
  • Lord Harry has an accident and his name is taken away
  • "No 6" rescues a mountain climber named Patrick. He is renamed after him.


  • Shane Dooiney returns.



  • The railway purchases its first diesel, which is Niles.
  • Shane Dooiney suffers an accident. The cause of accident was caused by his crew not properly setting his breaks and a large gust of wind. After reaching a bend, Shane and the trucks to derail and fall off the mountain. Luckily Shane lands on a hard piece of rock but dangerously dangles over the edge while the trucks roll down the mountain and are destroyed. Niles rescues him but the reamins of the trucks are scrapped.


  • Patrick leaves for Switzerland.

2000 Edit

  • Patrick returns.


  • A goat named "Tick" gives Patrick a hard time but is later reviled to have been attempting to warn him of damaged track.