The Culdee Fell Railway is the Only rack railway of Sodor. It runs from Kirk Machcan to the Summit of Culdee Fell

1891 Edit

  • Two rack railways are conceived, one in Wales and the other in Sodor

1895 Edit

  • five engines are built, Godred, Ernest, Winfred, Culdee, and Shane Dooiney.
  • Godred, Ernest, and Winfred are sent to Sodor.

1896 Edit

  • Culdee and Shane Dooiney are sent to Sodor.

1897 Edit

  • five coaches are built and sent. None are named (although Culdee dubs his coach "Catherine".)
  • In addition, a matenince truck is built.

1900 Edit

  • The railway opens.
  • the railway's no 1, Godred has a fatal accident on a mountain, killing him as well as an injured passenger, causing the railway to close.

1901 Edit

  • The railway reopens.

1911 Edit

  • The railway's red with black stripes livery is replaced with a purple with orange stripes livery.

1927 Edit

  • The North Western Railway builds a line to Peel Godred to reach the Culdee Fell line.

1933 Edit

  • Ernest is sent to Sweden for a ten year overhaul.

1943 Edit

  • Ernest returns.
  • Wilfed leaves for Sweden.

1953 Edit

  • Wilfred returns
  • Culdee leaves for Sweden

1961 Edit

  • the railway builds three new locomotives, Lord Harry, Alaric, and Eric.
  • In addition two new coaches are built.

1963 Edit

  • Culdee returns
  • Shane Dooiney leaves for Sweden.
  • Lord Harry has an accident and his name is taken away
  • "No 6" rescues a mountain climber named Patrick. He is renamed after him.

1973 Edit

  • Shane Dooiney returns.

1986 Edit

  • the railway purchases a diesel named "Niles".

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