The Skarloey Railway runs from Crovan's Gate to Ulfstead Castle.

Timeline of Events Edit

1863 Edit

  • A plan for a narrow gauge railway from Crovan's Gate to Skarloey National Park, where visitors could ride by rail to vacation spots and hotels here. Construction soon begins.

1864 Edit

  • Skarloey is built.

1865 Edit

  • The railway is finished, and Harold Mack becomes the manager. Two engines are ordered from Fletcher-Jennings, though the second one is not quite complete so the first one only arrives. His name is Skarloey. He is eager to work, but refuses to pull trucks so is punished for being a "crosspatch". He eventually agrees to do the work.
  • Skarloey's first time taking coaches does not go well. The coaches think he's playing tricks and bump him so hard that Mack falls out into the bushes.
  • Rheneas is built arrives later that year. He and Skarloey don't get along well at first.

1866 Edit

  • Skarloey is given a cab and rear driving wheels. He is an advantage to his crew so he is often used during rainy weather.
  • Skarloey and Rheneas's relationship grows more bitter until one stormy day Rheneas has to rescue Skarloey from a mudslide. The two make amends afterwords.

1867 Edit

  • A cab is also installed on Rheneas.

1868 Edit

  • The slate quarry by Glennock is completed and the quarry uses their own private engine named Rishra. Because of the timing arrangements, Rishra has little contact with Skarloey and Rheneas.

1880 Edit

  • The Mid Sodor Railway is built. This starts a competition between the two.
  • Sir Topham Hatt I is born.

1888 Edit

  • Harold Mack retires after 23 years of service. Several people will fill his shoes until Peter Sam takes control.
  • David Hugh I, future foreman, is born.

1894 Edit

  • Harold Mack dies at the age of 74. Skarloey pulls his funeral train and he is buried up by Skarloey lake.


  • The copper veins in the Ward Fell mines are stripped. Luckily, the slate traffic keeps the Skarloey Railway running.

1950 Edit

  • Rheneas saves the line from going under. Passenger traffic becomes important for the Skarloey Railway.
  • Archaeological evidence combined with a discovery at Ulfstead Castle brings to the Skarloey Railway.

1954 Edit

  • Falcon and Stuart are purchased from the Peel Godred Aluminum Company where they had been working since the Mid-Sodor Railway closed. They are renamed Sir Handel and Peter Sam.
  • Sir Handel gets in trouble for coming of the rails deliberately, so Peter Sam does his work.
  • Skarloey is sent to be mended.

1958 Edit

  • Rusty is bought by the Skarloey Railway.
  • Peter Sam has an accident which damages his funnel after Sir Handel pretends to be ill.
  • Duncan is bought by the Skarloey Railway as a spare engine and takes a dislike to Rusty.
  • Skarloey returns to the railway and helps Duncan after he gets stuck in a tunnel.
  • Rusty saves Duncan after he comes off the rails, and they reconcile.
  • BBC comes to do a documentary on the Skarloey Railway.

1961 Edit

  • Peter Sam gets his funnel replaced with a Giesl ejector.
  • Sir Handel gets special wheels and ends up facing George.
  • Duncan refuses to cross a bridge causing trouble for the Skarloey Railway.
  • Rheneas comes home from being repaired.

1965 Edit

  • The Skarloey Railway celebrates its 100th anniversary.

1969 Edit

  • Duke is rescued from his shed and brought to the Skarloey Railway.

1980 Edit

  • Mr. Roger Sam takes over from his father.

1985 Edit

  • Duke is restored for full time work.
  • Sir Handel visits the Talyllyn Railway.

1989 Edit

  • the Railway builds there second diesel, Fred.

1995 Edit

  • the TV series finally adapts stories based on the regular narrow gauge railways. To avoid confusion from younger audiences, they are all in different liveries.

1996 Edit

  • The railway builds a new steam engine named "Ivo Hugh"

1998 Edit

  • A dual gauge quarry is built next to ulfstead castle.
  • a branch line from Lakeside to Ulfstead is built for the new quarry
  • the quarry is closed due to an accident with a boulder.
  • Sir Handel, Peter Sam, Rusty, and Duncan are painted in there tv series livery.
  • Bertram, an engine from the mid sodor railway, is discovered in the old mine by the fat controller and his grand children. He is donated to the railway.
  • Duncan is haunted by a ghost story told by Rusty and refuse to cross the "Rumblin Bridge".

2002 Edit

  • the Ulfstead branch is almost closed due to it being dangerous and not turning a profit. With help from Rusty and a recently discovered steam lorry, Elizabeth, the two restore the branch and it is run by Duke and Bertram.
  • Peter Sam loses his whistle and is given a new one. In addition, his Geisel ejector is replaced with a normal funnel.

2004 Edit

  • Mr Sam retires from controller. A new controller, Mr. Peregrine Percival, takes over.
  • Percival buys a double fairlie, Mighty Mac, for the branch.

2005 Edit

  • A former Mid-Sodor engine, Freddie, is purchased by Percival.


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