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*The following information is the only info I will put out in public. I wish to remain anonymous.

Thomas1Edward2Henry is the username of the creator of "The Engines of Sodor" .  


Thomas1Edward2Henry3 lives in the San Francisco area and is his early 20s. He is American but has strong English heritage in his family. Therefore, he can do very good English accents and knows alot about British Railways. He started watching Thomas and Friends when he was about 2 (during the George Carlin and Alec Baldwin era) and lost interest around the age of 7. But he regained it around the age of 9 and is now a huge but secret fan of the series. He has tried making a fan series ever since he can remember. He has visited the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway (basis for the Arlesdale Railway), the Snowdon Mountain Railway (basis for the Culdee Fell Railway), and got a few glimpses of the Ffestiniong Railway (where Duke, Mighty Mac, & Fearless Freddie's basis's are)  

Aside from the United States, he has visited the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Liechtenstein, Spain (Canary Islands), Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, and the Vatican City.  

As a child, aside from Thomas, he also enjoyed watching Spongebob, Bob the Builder, Tom and Jerry, Teletubbies (when very little), and was one of the very few Americans to watch Postman Pat. (His dad bought him a VHS that had been imported from England).  

Voice Acting Credits

Thomas1Edward2Henry3 loves voice acting, and has done a few roles for the following users:

WildnorWester: Boco and Geoff

donald9anddouglas10: Adam

EnterprisingEngine93: Ned (future), Lumberjack, and a Radio Control Voice in Culdee Fell.

Kanefan701: The Kirk Ronan Controller (Horror on the Kirk Ronan Branch)

VHS/DVD Collection

As a child, T1E2H3 owned these VHS/DVD's:

  • Thomas Breaks the Rules (1992 VHS)
  • Thomas, Percy, and the Dragon (1993 VHS)
  • James Goes Buzz Buzz (1996 VHS)
  • Percy's Ghostly Trick (1996 VHS)
  • Thomas and the Special Letter (1995 VHS)
  • The Gallant Old Engine (1996 VHS)
  • Cranky Bugs (1999 VHS)
  • Races, Rescues, and Runaways (1999 VHS)
  • Spills and Chills (2000 VHS)
  • Make Someone Happy (2000 VHS)
  • Best of Thomas (2001 DVD)
  • Salty's Secret (2002 VHS)
  • Percy's Chocolate Crunch (2003 DVD)
  • Best of Gordon (2004 DVD)
  • New Friends for Thomas (2004 DVD)
  • Steamies vs. Diesels (2004 DVD)
  • Thomas and the Jet Engine (2004 VHS)
  • Thomas's Sodor Celebration (2005 VHS)