Episode IX: The Runaway Railcar was uploaded on March 29, 2014. It is the ninth episode of the first  

The runaway railcar



Daisy becomes a runaway, and James and Henry eventually try to stop her.




  • Thomas was originally going to have a larger role in the episode, but his voice actor RightonTracks10 retired from voice acting during scriptwrting. 
  • This episode will be re-done with SI3D's new model of Daisy in 2016.  
  • The reason Daisy's RWS model was used is because SI3D's model only had one face, and it would be difficult to add faces by photo-editing as most of the runaway is in video. 
  • The idea for the story was suggested by DarthWill3.
  • Railway Series references include Thomas in Trouble, Old Iron, and Daisy.
  • A reference to WTLNetwork's Youtube Poop, "Feeble?!" is made in this video at 9:06.