Episode III: The Blame Game is the third episode of the first season of The Engines of Sodor. It was uploaded on August 17, 2013.  


One unusually hot day, Duncan is complaining like anything. He annoyingly says that Mr. Percival is trying to kill them, and Duncan gets no rest. Skarloey tells Duncan to quit his moaning and say something positive for once. Duncan snaps that there's nothing positive to say, and Rheneas tells him to keep his Scottish mouth shut.

Mr. Percival arrives, and says though it's a hot day, his engines should know better. Mr. Percival orders Duncan to get some slate trucks from the Slate Quarry and to take them to Lakeside. Duncan complains it's too much work and doesn't want to go, because he'll break to pieces if he does, but Mr. Percival tells him that he will if he doesn't get moving in 5 seconds.

Duncan puffs off to the Slate Quarry, complaining all way. Duncan arrives at the Quarry where Bertram is. Bertram remarks that Duncan certainly looks "cheerful" on this fine occasion.

Duncan departs from the Quarry and takes the slate trucks to Lakeside, however it is taking a while for the slate to be unloaded. Duncan says annoyingly, "COME ON!! CAN'T YOU SEE I WANT TO GO HOME?!" Suddenly, Sir Handel rushes in much too quickly and crashes at the back of Duncan's train, breaking his slate. Duncan yells at Sir Handel for crashing into his train, and Sir Handel apologizes to Duncan and tells him it wasn't his fault. Duncan doesn't believe Sir Handel until he tells Duncan that it was Peter Sam's fault. He was sitting in a station so Sir Handel couldn't get through to his train. Sir Handel had to hurry, and that they gave him no warning that Duncan was there. After hearing this, Duncan and Sir Handel decide to teach Peter Sam a lesson.

Peter Sam idles around at the sheds when Duncan and Sir Handel creep in. Peter Sam asks them if there is something wrong, to which Duncan tells Peter Sam that he caused Sir Handel to crash into his train. Peter Sam asks how he did it. Sir Handel explains to Peter Sam that he made Sir Handel late for his train and caused him to hurry and crash into Duncan's slate trucks. Skarloey tells Sir Handel and Duncan that they can't blame someone else for something that "clearly" was their fault. Peter Sam says that it wasn't Sir Handel's fault, and it wasn't Peter Sam's fault either. Peter Sam explains that the reason he was held up was because that Bulgy had an accident on the road just outside the station. Skarloey asks if they're going to blame Bulgy, Duncan says he'd bet they are, and that they'll teach the big buffoon the next day. Rusty tries to calm Duncan and Sir Handel by saying that the accident is over with and they should forget about it, but of course they don't.

The next day, Sir Handel sees Bulgy and doesn't hesitate to give him a piece of his mind. Sir Handel stops at the platform and tells Bulgy he has some words to peck with him. Sir Handel tells Bulgy he caused his accident, Bulgy doesn't know what Sir Handel is talking about, he tells Bulgy that he caused Peter Sam to get held up in the station, which made him crash into Duncan's train and injuring a pedestrian.

Bulgy knows the road accident was entirely his fault. He was speeding and ran into a lorry. Though Bulgy doesn't want to admit it, and says to Sir Handel that he crashed into the lorry, and the driver was "drunk and sleepy". Sir Handel asks Bulgy if he expects him to believe it, Bulgy tells Sir Handel it's the truth. Sir Handel says, "I don't believe you. It was all your fault." Bulgy snaps "Was not!" Sir Handel snaps back "Was too." Bulgy yells, "WAS NOT!" Sir Handel says, "Well, it was. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to run along before you do something else." This leaves Bulgy enraged, as he does not appreciate being spoken to like that.

The next day, Peter Sam is taking some workmen to the Slate Quarry. On the way, he passes by Bulgy on the road. Peter Sam calls Bulgy an idiot bus and that he caused Duncan's accident. Bulgy says he isn't taking more of this, and suddenly shoots forward, knocking Peter Sam off the tracks. Peter Sam says Bulgy is going down, he'd like to see him try. Bulgy's driver yells, "DAMN YOU BULGY! WHAT THE HELL WAS THE POINT OF THAT?! You are in so much trouble boy..."

The police soon come to investigate. A policeman sighs that it has been only two days as the same bus got involved in another accident at the same location. Peter Sam tells the policeman that it wasn't an accident, but intentional road rage. Peter Sam's driver says it was well put, and explains to the police what happened.

That evening, Duncan and Sir Handel hear about the incident and they became furious. Sir Handel questions what makes Bulgy think he can just bash other engines, and Duncan says he'd like to teach a Bulgy a lesson. Skarloey asks what it would accomplish, Rusty says it will escalate the situation to disaster, and points out that Bulgy may already be removed from the road. Duncan says Bulgy needs to feel the exact amount of pain he caused Peter Sam. Duke sighs that they'll have to learn for themselves. As the night went on, Duncan had begun to hate Bulgy even more.

The next morning, Duncan goes to Lakeside to pick up his passenger train and sees Bulgy blocking a crossing. Duncan charges at Bulgy and he crashes into a shop. Rusty and Rheneas arrive, and see that the shop is on fire! A workman goes to call 999.

Shortly, the fire crew arrives as well as Ivo Hugh with the Breakdown Train. Though Bulgy had suffered a large amount of damage, but removed before a fire could destroy him, and he'll be able to be repaired. Mr. Percival tells Duncan that Bulgy would've caused something leading up to it, but the only one who was at fault for Duncan's accident was Sir Handel, whom Mr. Percival had already spoken to about it, but Duncan had damaged himself, Bulgy and the new shop, along with sending a man to the hospital. Mr. Percival says to Duncan that once he's repaired, he'll be spending two weeks at the Slate Quarry with Bertram and he won't be allowed to leave the quarry.




  • Originally, there was a scene of Duncan at the Sodor Steamworks with Victor telling him the moral of the story. It was cut because of length reasons (although it likely would have remained today, seeing how long later episodes are getting.)
  • This is the first episode to features EnterprisingEngine93, TheThomasFan1991, and theJamesKlok as voice actors.
  • With a length of 9:27, this episode held the record of being the shortest in the series until it was surpassed by Special Engines, which is 9:14.  
  • Audio from WTLNetworks Youtube Poop Hanree(Henry) Goes Gallivanting of to Poo is used. The "Oi! You!" is from the episode Thomas in Trouble/Thomas Breaks the Rules.
  • Victor and Kevin were going to appear in this episode, but were dropped for unknown reasons.
  • Apart from Diesel 10's usual easter egg cameo, all the engines in the episode are narrow gauge. 
  • This episode marks the only a few things:
    • The only episode to feature Tommy Davias as the voice of Skarloey.
    • The only episode where Rheneas is voiced by Thomas1Edward2Henry3. JakerBraker123 later took over the role from Attack of the Railway Pirates onwards.

Antagonist(s): Bulgy

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