Ted, formerly named D199 and nicknamed "Spamcan" and "Old Reliable" is a diesel who works on the North Western Railway.


Ted was built at Derby Works in 1961. He was named after it, called Derby. the same year, he was sent to work on the Great Western Railway, where he insulted Oliver, Clarence, and Paul.

Between 1961 and 1967, his name was withdrawn for unknown reasons.

In 1967, he along with Bear (then named D7101) first arrived on Sodor. He soon made himself an enemy of the steam engines when he claimed that "steam engines spoil our image". However, The next day, he ironically failed with a train of oil-tankers at a signal box, blocking the crossing. Henry, whose regulator had already jammed, came to help. However, after D7101's ejector leaked, making him unable to pull his passenger train, Henry was asked to help him as well. Henry, with some help from 7101, was still able to move and bravely pulled 199, the oil-tankers and the passengers to the next station. The Fat Controller was not impressed, and Diesel 199 was soon sent home in disgrace while Diesel 7101 was given a second chance and was bought by the North Western Railway and renamed Bear.

Decades later in 2014, D199 was given a second chance on Sodor. Although he had changed his views on steam engines, the other engines don't trust him. When he was given a job of hauling tankers, his driver told him he didn't have enough fuel to continue the journey. D199 insisted that since the tankers were unmarked, they were likely carrying fuel that they could use to fill his tank. His driver filled his tank and tried to move on, be he stalled and his engine began smoking. He also began to hallucinate. The Fat Controller told him that the tankers were filled with beer, much to the diesel's embarrassment and the hilarity of Henry and James.

After having his diesel tank cleaned out, D199 attempted to help Donald and Douglas, but stubbornly refused. However, when the Scottish Twins later got stuck on a collapsing bridge, he came to their rescue. Although he was able to save the twins, the bridge finally collapsed under him and D199 fell to the water below. Donald and Douglas were happy that he saved them, but felt guilty for being so rude to him. D199 was eventually fished out of the river and was awarded by the Fat Controller by being purchased for the North Western Railway and given a new name, which was Ted.


Ted is based on a BR Class 46 "Peak" 1Co-Co1. The Class 46s never made it up to D199. They were numbered between D138-D193. Three of these engines are preserved.


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D199 only appeared in the story "Super Rescue" from the book Enterprising Engines.

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  • D199 and Bear and the only engines who have a different colored face in their merchandise.