Talyllyn and Dolgoch are Skarloey and Rheneas's brothers on the Talyllyn Railway.


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Talyllyn was built in 1864, whilst Dolgoch was built in 1866. They both visited The Skarloey Railway in 2015 for its 150th anniversary.

Trainz ModelsEdit

Both Talyllyn and Dolgoch used models from the website Talyllyn Railway website. Edward's face was edited on Talyllyn and Duck's on Dolgoch.


Season 3Edit

RWS AppearancesEdit

Talyllyn and Dolgoch never appeared or where mentioned in the TV series. In The Railway Series, they were mentioned and appeared in pictures (without faces). Talyllyn appeared in The Little Old Engine, Very Old Engines, Great Little Engines, and was mentioned in New Little Engine. Dolgoch only appeared in Very Old Engines but was mentioned in Gallant Old Engine.