Take Along is a brand of metallic Thomas toys that are small in size and very mobile. Although he mostly collected Wooden Railway Trains, Thomas1Edward2Henry3 also has a few Take Along Models. None of these models are Take 'n' Play. Here is a list of all the take along items with the year they were purchased.


  • Edward: 2004
  • Percy: 2003 (dirty version, with Engine Wash Set)
  • Duck: 2003
  • Mavis: 2003
  • Diesel 10: 2003 (Pinchy broke)
  • Lady: 2003 (lost) 
  • Duncan: 2003 (lost)
  • Arthur: 2004

Non-Rail CharactersEdit

  • Harold: 2003 (lost)
  • Elizabeth: 2003

Rolling StockEdit

  • Troublesome Truck: 2003
  • Fuel and Tar Tankers: 2004
  • Breakdown Train: 2004
  • Log Car: 2005

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