Sodor Workshops is probably the second largest producer of Thomas Trainz Content.


Sodor Workshops was founded in 2008 (before SI3D). Their site had a mix of reskins and original models. Some of their early characters were Spencer (a reskin of the LNER Mallard), Atlas (the mines engine), Whiff, Victor, the Class 40 Diesel (from Bowled Out) and Eagle (reskin of James). They were also the first content creator to create a publicly available model of Diesel 10. They also modified models from the Hero of the Rails Wii game for Trainz.

At the end of 2012, the site when on a long hiatus of releasing content. It was assumed that it was the end of the team but to many's shock, new content was uploaded in 2014. The team have now switched to another website and are making more content then ever, on par with Sodor Island 3D.

Regular CharactersEdit

RWS Style CharactersEdit

Original CharactersEdit

Withdrawn Character Models Edit

  • Spencer (two versions, one was reskin of default Trainz Mallard, other was a rip of his Wii HOTR model)
  • Victor (likely a reskin)
  • Whiff (reskin, made into full model)
  • The Diesel/Class 40 (reskin)
  • Atlas the Mines Engine
  • Eagle (reskin of James)
  • Pip and Emma (reskin of default BR 125s)
  • "The Scrapped Engine" (reskin of Percy)
  • Marklin (reskin of default German engine)