The Sodor Special Weapons and Tactics also known as SWAT is a Police force on the Island of Sodor and is run by the Head of Police,


The Sodor Special Weapons and Tactics was introduced at an unknown year on Sodor, and was a Special Police Force run by the Head of Police on the Island of Sodor incase of Terrorist Attacks or Armed Gunmen,

They where also involved when John "Thitkens" Matthews and his gang hijacked Skarloey, a small ten man squad led by Officer Dawson hid in the bushes and later presumably rescued Skarloey's crew after "Thitkens" however went with his gang down the line to take the Gunpowder at a Quarry, which the Road doesn't follow the railway line when the Head of Police ordered few engines to transport the SWAT team, he chose Sir Handel and Bertram,

In the rescue mission after leaving the station, the Head of Police informed Sir Handel and Bertram that "Thitkens" and his gang where on the otherside of the Old Iron Bridge, which they're was an old junction to an old branchline which Sir Handel with Dawson's team would eventually head down their meet Skarloey and ambush with SWAT Force Unit 1 to where "Thitkens" was but eventually capturing his gunmen and an injured "Thitkens"

However considering they appeared in Attack of the Railway Pirates, they may yet have a future appearance someday,

Known MembersEdit

  • Head of Police
  • Officer Dawson (Squad leader)

TEOS AppearancesEdit

Season 1Edit

  • Attack of the Railway Pirates


  • The Sodor Special Weapons and Tactics police force may yet have a future Appearance which has not yet happened,
  • The Head of Police and Officer Dawson are the only named characters in Attack of the Railway Pirates.

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