Season 4 began airing on April 22, 2017 and finished on December 26.


  1. The Great Railway Heist: A truck full of gold is stolen, and everyone is determined to find the burglars.
  2. Jim's Tale: Jim tells the engines his story.
  3. Steaming Sausage: Rheneas gets back at Sir Handel and Peter Sam for teasing him about his leaking steam problem.
  4. Diesels and Dragons: Diesel 10 is up to his old bullying antics, but Percy might have a way to get him to make a fool out of himself.
  5. Airhead: Harold starts to get a little boastful and cocky.
  6. Painful Memories: Henry has a traumatizing near miss with explosive fuel wagons and he now fears for his safety.
  7. An Unfortunate Coincidence for Jock: A tree causes trouble for Jock during a storm.
  8. The Creature: Toby is afraid that Bigfoot may be lurking around the branch line.
  9. A Turning Point for Edward: Edward is old, and is beginning to wonder whether his days are numbered.
  10. End of the Line for Edward: Edward has lost all hope and feels that he is no longer useful, but he might still a few sparks left.