Season 3 began airing in April 2016 and ended in November. This season saw a major overhaul to the series. First of all, there were no voice actors. Instead, Thomas1Edward2Henry3 will do all the voices to make production easier. Also, there was less foul language (as it was mostly shown in Season 1), making it more like the TV show.


  1. Double Muddle - Profusely heavy rain causes trouble for Thomas and Terence.
  2. The Devious Diesel Gordon tells what happened after Diesel told lies about Duck.
  3. Sent Packing - Diesel is found out by the Fat Controller and is in huge trouble.
  4. Oliver's Tiny Tale - Bill and Ben are brought to help on the Little Western, but are up to their usual tricks so Oliver comes up with a plan to keep them in order.
  5. The Sodor Garratt - A very strange engine, or engines, called a Garret is brought to the Island.
  6. Duke's Reunion - Duke remembers a fall out with his brothers and sister back on the Ffestiniog Railway a century ago.
  7. A Breakthrough Discovery - Strange things start happening down in the old Peel Godred Aluminium works, and the engines struggle to find out what really is going on.
  8. Revolutionary Redemption - Diesel tells Boco how his bravery let him stay on the Fat Controller's Railway permanently.

Two final episodes were planned but many problems including technical issues delayed them and they have now been upgraded to a two part special, The Most Famous Engine