The first season began with A Wretched Day for Henry and James on June 13, 2013, and ended with Attack of the Railway Pirates on April 30, 2014. 


  1. A Wretched Day for Henry and James - A troublesome tanker named Wretch causes trouble for the engines, as James and Henry find out. 
  2. Gordon Goes Swimming - Gordon is very jealous of the Mallard when he comes to visit, and his jealousy eventually ends him up in the ocean. 
  3. The Blame Game - After an accident, Duncan, Sir Handel, and Peter Sam are all trying to find the sole cause of it, whom they think to be Bulgy.
  4. Bill and Ben the Brave Brothers of Brendam - Bill and Ben help rescue workmen from a flood, but it does not go too well.
  5. Mike Takes the Road - Mike dreams of having a chance to see the world by road, but changes his mind when he does get that chance.
  6. Stuck! - Donald and Douglas get stuck in the snow and it will take a lot of work to free them. 
  7. Engine Unknown - A mysterious engine is giving many engines a fright, and they are determined to find out who it is.
  8. A Tale of a Small Green Engine - Neil shows his face for the first time in years, and tells the story of his very troubled past.
  9. The Runaway Railcar - Daisy accidentally runs away when her driver falls out of her cab, and it's up to Henry and James to stop her.
  10. Attack of the Railway Pirates - Three men hijack Skarloey to steal the gunpowder he's carrying, and Sir Handel and Bertram must be brave and stop them.


(This list does not include non-speaking or cameo roles)


  • The total length of all the episodes, including titles and credits, is 2 hours and 4 minutes. (124 minutes)