Salty is a dockyard diesel who works at Brendam Docks.


Salty was built in 1962 by Ruston and Hornsby. He worked on a coastal railway in England (or Ireland) for many years and the experience gave him many stories to tell. He came to Sodor in 1968 and was first sent to Anopha Quarry (though it could be somewhere different as Bill and Ben were there) to prepare an important stone delivery. He was sad at first as he thought he thought he would have to work far away from the sea (the quarry is in the center of the island) but realized that this job was only temporary. He managed to get the trucks to like him and behave and they all sang songs together. Salty was then sent to his permanent home, Brendam Docks, where he shunts trucks.

Later that year, he, Oliver, and Toad were being repaired at one of the smaller workshops at Crovan's Gate when it caught fire. Fortunately, all three of them were rescued from the flames by Diesel.

Trainz ModelsEdit

From The Search for Smudger onwards, Hilltrack's Trainz Routes' model of Salty is used. A model from the Trainz Download Station was previously used. In future appearances, Sodor Workshop's RWS style model will be used.


Salty is a BR Class 07. 14 of them were built by Ruston and Hornsby in 1962. They were all withdrawn between May 1973 and June 1977. Seven of them are currently preserved.


Salty is very friendly and jolly. He has no known grudges against anyone and is always willing to help. He can be a little sensitive sometimes, however, like when he got offended by Thomas and Percy imitating him.


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Salty first appeared in the pilot episode of the sixth season, Salty's Secret. He appeared in every season since except the thirteenth. He also appeared in every special since his debut except Hero of the Rails. His cameo appearance in The Adventure Begins was an error, as he was not introduced until 87 years after Thomas was.