The "Original Pilot 2" was an an episode that was supposed to be the first episode of the Engines of Sodor, but was never completed. It was produced around May 2013. It was a second attempt at an episode by Thomas1Edward2Henry3, though unlike the first attempt, voice actors had been used.


The story featured a big soccer match on Sodor. Henry and Duck were given the job of taking the fans home, but they were very rowdy and caused many problems. The story was very similar to NWR1991's NWR Tales episode "Roudy Singing".

Behind the Scenes

The episode was 95% filmed, and most of the voice actors had sent their lines. The episode was cancelled because Thomas1Edward2Henry wasn't pleased with the story. He thought it was too similar to the NWR1991 story mentioned above. No footage exists today as it was all deleted. However, some audio still remains, including some of the voice actors' lines. Andrew Homer's one line as James in the episode is still on his channel.


  • Tommy Davias: Boco
  • MallardFan62: Duck (lines were never received)
  • WaynoPercy06: Percy
  • Andrew Homer: James
  • Everyone Else: Thomas1Edward2Henry3

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