Episode XIII: Old Reliable was uploaded on July 8, 2014 and is the third episode of the second season.


D199 is given a second chance on Sodor, and has changed his views on steam engines. But the other engines don't trust him. 



  • The episode is the first of a two part story. The story will continue where this left off in Episode XIV.
  • The episode was originally planned for release in June, but vacation and voice actor problems delayed the production.
  • When D199 arrives on Sodor, the song "Without Me" by Eminem is heard.
  • Events from the RWS book "Enterprising Engines" are mentioned.  
  • D199's theme, heard when he tells Bear how he's changed, was made in Studio One. It is a remix of Diesel's theme. 
  • This is the last episode until their Season 3 appearances where Donald and Douglas are voiced by Thomas1Edward2Henry3. Carson0802200 later took over the roles from the next episode.

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