Episode XIII: Old Reliable was uploaded on July 8, 2014 and is the third episode of the second season.


D199 is given a second chance on Sodor, and although he has changed his views on steam engines, the other engines don't trust him. When he was given a job of hauling tankers, his driver told him he didn't have enough fuel to continue the journey. D199 insisted that since the tankers were unmarked, they were likely carrying fuel that they could use to fill his tank. His driver filled his tank and tried to move on, be he stalled and his engine began smoking. He also began seeing hallucinations of Bertie, Smudger, and Diesel 10. The Fat Controller told him that the tankers were filled with beer, much to the diesel's embarrassment and the hilarity of Henry and James.  


Voice CastEdit


  • The episode is the first of a two part story. The story will continue where this left off in Episode XIV.
  • The episode was originally planned for release in June, but vacation and voice actor problems delayed the production.
  • When D199 arrives on Sodor, the song "Without Me" by Eminem is heard.
  • Events from the RWS book "Enterprising Engines" are mentioned.  
  • D199's theme, heard when he tells Bear how he's changed, was made in Studio One. It is a remix of Diesel's theme. 
  • This is the last episode until their Season 3 appearances where Donald and Douglas are voiced by Thomas1Edward2Henry3. Carson0802200 later took over the roles from the next episode.
  • References to the TV Series episodes, "Thomas' Train" and "Peter Sam the Refreshment Lady" are made.