Mavis is a diesel who works at Anopha Quarry on the Ffarquhar Branch.


Mavis was built by the Drewry Car company in 1962 and arrived on Sodor shortly after. She got bored of working in the Ffarquhar Quarry and tried to make life interesting by arranging Toby's trucks in different places every time. Toby did not like this at all, and eventually lost patience, telling Mavis to take them herself. Mavis was delighted, but due to lack of knowledge of the line, she got stuck on a level crossing when the trucks held her back. After Toby rescued her, Mavis was barred from leaving the quarry. However, she hatched a plan and told the trucks to bump her past the quarry boundary. Unfortunately, the plan went awry when the trucks decided to bump Toby instead, pushing him onto a dangerous, collapsing bridge. Mavis, who was horrified, quickly rescued Toby from the "tightrope". She was praised for her heroic actions and the Fat Controller allowed her to go down the Ffarquhar Branch.

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WildnorWester's model of Mavis was used until The Runaway Railcar. From then onwards, the Sudrian Community's model is used.


Mavis is based on a BR Class 04 diesel.

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Mavis first appeared in the Third Season episode, aptly named Mavis, and appeared in every season since. She did not speak in Season 4 and only made a cameo in Season 20. In Seasons 8-10, 12, & 20, her appearance was only limited to one episode. She is voiced by Teresa Gallagher in the US and UK. She was previously voiced by Jules de Jongh in the US from Seasons 13-Blue Mountain Mystery.


  • Mavis was the first character to appear in the Engines of Sodor, though her role was only a cameo. Despite that, she did not speak until the fourth season.