Lady is a beautiful magical tank engine.


*The events of Thomas and the Magic Railroad are not canon in T1E2H3's universe.


Lady appears to be a freelance design, with no real known locomotive prototype. However, her design does bare some resemblance to the GWR 101 Class, and the 3½ gauge LBSC Tich 0-4-0 side tank locomotive, as well as the Liverpool Overhead Railway "Lively Polly".

One of Lady's concept art images depicts her as a 2-2-2, resembling Gazelle, a Dodman & Co 0-4-2 Well Tank locomotive from the Shropshire & Montgomeryshire Railway.

David Eves, the former special effects and model supervisor on Thomas and Friends from Season 5 to Hero of the Rails, originally intended for her basis to be based on the GWR 3031 Class, a tender engine. However, Britt Allcroft wanted Lady to be a small engine.

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Lady was introduced in the 2000 feature length film Thomas and the Magic Railroad and later appeared in the 2005 special Calling All Engines!. She was voiced by Britt Alcroft in Thomas and the Magic Railroad.