Number N/A
Built 1922
Arrived on Sodor N/A
Color Green
Configuration 4-6-2
Current Voice Actor Thomas1Edward2Henry3

Jeremy was one of the three LNER A0's that were built in 1922.


Jeremy was built in Doncaster in 1922 as one of the three prototypes of the LNER A1/A3 Class known as the A0, which included modifications such as a larger boiler. The other two were Boris and Gordon.

The following year in 1923, all three A0s has passed most tests and were ready to head to their new homes. Gordon would be sent to the Island of Sodor, Jeremy thought this would be a downgrade for Gordon but the latter disagreed stating he would revolutionize the railway and that soon the Island would be dominated with Express engines.

It is likely that Jeremy was put to work on the LNER after his tests were completed. Given that all the LNER A1/A3 Pacific class locomotives except for the Flying Scotsman were withdrawn from service scrapped between 1959 and 1966, it can be assumed that he was as well.


Much like Gordon when he was first built, Jeremy was painted in LNER Apple Green.


NWR OriginsEdit

Voice ActorEdit

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