Jack is a red front loader.


Jack joined The Pack in 2002. He was very hyper when he first arrived and eager to jump in. However, this lead to an accident when he fell over whilst carrying rocks that were too heavy for him. But Jack redeemed himself when he saved Thomas after a bridge collapsed.

In 2014, he and Terence worked alongside George, and ignored his typical ranting.

In 2016, he, Alfie, and Oliver the Excavator were delivered by Henry to investigate a mysterious sound at an old plant, which turned out to be Jim in an underground bunker.


Jack is brave and will not take any hassle, as seen whenever he stands up to Max and Monty when they bully him and Alfie. He is also kind and caring.


Jack has no real basis. However, the Thomas the Tank Engine Wiki claims he is similar to a International 454 tractor after his physical appearance was changed for King of the Railway.

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His model is from Hilltracks Trainz Routes.


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Jack first appeared on Thomas and Friends in the Sixth Season episode Jack Jumps In. He would also star in a short-lived spinoff of the the show called Jack and the Sodor Construction Company. He would later appear in the special The Great Discovery and in the Twelfth Season episode Percy and the Bandstand with a CGI face.

Jack wouldn't appear again until the special King of the Railway, where he was seen in full CGI. He would later appear in three more episodes through the Nineteenth and Twenty-first Seasons. He is currently voiced by Steven Kynman in the UK and David Menkin in the USA.