Harvey is a burgundy crane engine.


Harvey came to Sodor in 2002 to help with maintenance and rescues. The other engines (except Thomas) mocked and teased him for his unusual shape so Harvey felt very ostracized. However, this all changed when he helped Percy back onto the rails after an accident with trucks. The railway board happened to witness it and were very pleased. Needless to say, the engines now respect him very much.

Trainz ModelsEdit

Harvey's model was made by Sodor Workshops and was uploaded in 2016. It was the first publicly available model of the character ever. MSTNoodle constructed one but never released it. Had a model of Harvey existed back when T1E2H3 began on YouTube, he would have appeared much earlier.


Harvey is a Dübs Crane Engine, nicknamed "Dubsy'.


Harvey is an extremely friendly and optimistic engine. He is always eager to help as it is his job. Back when Harvey arrived, he was very humble and sensitive about his appearance. But he regained confidence after proving to the other engines he was useful.


Season 4Edit


Voice Actor(s)Edit

TV AppearancesEdit


Harvey first appeared in the 6th season episode Harvey to the Rescue. He then appeared in every season since until the thirteenth. He then reappeared in Season 17 and was in Season 18-21. He did not speak in Season 12. He is voiced by Keith Wickham in the US and UK dubs.


  • Harvey's face protrudes out more than any other engine. T1E2H3 often jokes that Harvey has a serious overbite or a jaw tumor.