Harold is a white helicopter who lives at Dryaw Airfield.


Harold was built sometime around 1950 and was stationed at either Elsbridge Airfield. Percy first met Harold there during the construction of the Harbor in 1955. Harold claimed that railways were "slow" and "out of date", which annoyed Percy. Later that day, Percy spotted Harold on his way back to the harbor from the quarry. He raced him to the harbor and won. Later that year, Percy got stuck in a flood, and Harold came to his rescue.

Sometime later, Harold moved to Dryaw Airfield. However, he still flies into Elsbridge Airfield. In August 2017, he had a significant accident when during a foggy night near Callan, his rotors struck the cliff and sheared off.

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Harold's model was made by TheGermanEngine and was posted on DeviantArt.


Harold is a Sikorsky S-55 Helicopter with added floats.

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Harold first appeared in the season 2 episode Percy & Harold and appeared in every season since except the thirteenth. He also appeared in every special except Hero of the Rails, Blue Mountain Mystery, Tale of the Brave, Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure, The Adventure Begins, and The Great Race. He was the only original character not introduced in Season 1 to appear in Thomas and the Magic Railroad (not counting Cranky's cameo). He is voiced by Keith Wickham in the UK and Kerry Shale in the US. He was voiced by Kevin Frank in a minor role in Thomas and the Magic Railroad.


  • Until the introduction of Jeremy in the eleventh season, Harold was the only aircraft in the TV series (not counting Tiger Moth, who's sentience is debatable)
  • Along with Caroline, Harold is one of the only two non-rail character in the TV series to not have a real face. Instead, his face is molded into his body.
  • Harold and Stanley are the only major white characters in the show.