EnterprisingEngine93 is an actor and film-maker who does several voices.  


EnterprisngEngine93 is well known for his fantastic wooden railway series, which Thomas1Edward2Henry3 has voiced in. The series is filmed outside, making it so much more realistic. Many consider it one of the best fan series on Youtube. He stated that he is from New Jersey, United States. The '93 refers to his birth year, indicating he is 23.  

His Parents Died but He is 23.


EnterprisingEngine93 does the following voices:

  • Bertram (Episode III-The Search for Smudger)
  • Edward (Episode IV-Night Express to Vicarstown)
  • Mike (Episode V-The Search for Smudger)
  • Frank (Episode V only)
  • Smudger (The Search for Smudger only]]


Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit


NWR OriginsEdit

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