Duke had six siblings when he was built. Four of them survive to this day on the Ffestiniog Railway in Porthmadog, Wales. They are all members of the Festiniog Railway 0-4-0TT Class built between 1863 and 1867.



Princess was built in 1863 and is one of the oldest surviving narrow gauge engines. When she was built, she had a much different design. She had a much simpler design with a box boiler like Neil. In 1882 she was given a massive overhaul with a large arched casing put on top of her. However, this was not shown in the episode as there was no such model. Princess is a motherly figure who likes to be proper yet has great respect for her siblings. Princess has not run since 1946 when the railway closed down. She has been on display in a village pub and briefly Paddington Station in 2013 for her 150th anniversary.

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Princess's model has Mavis's faces.



Prince was built a year later and was one of the closest engines to Duke. He got angry when Duke screwed up but unbeknownst to Duke, Prince deeply cared about him. In 1881, he was given an overhaul like Princess (again, not shown in The Engines of Sodor) and then given a cab in 1892. He was withdrawn in 1936 but then was the first to be restored when the railway reopened. He was then withdrawn again and returned with an overhaul in 1980.

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Prince's model has Derek's faces.



Palmerston was built in 1864, the same year as Prince. He was the first to receive the cast iron saddle tank shell in 1880, and was given a can in 1886. Palmerston was withdrawn in 1942 and used as a stationary boiler in Boston Lodge Railworks. He was restored back into service in 1993.

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Palmerston's model has the same faces as SI3D's Bert model. He also did not speak in the flashback but did in present day.

Welsh PonyEdit


Welsh Pony was the first of the "Large England" Class and was built in 1867. In 1879, he had an accident with Duke when the latter crashed into him on a junction. He underwent a massive overhaul in 1929. However, he was withdrawn 10 years later and left at Boston Harbor. He deteriorated quite badly but was repainted in 1984 and was a static display until he began an overhaul in 2013. However, during his overhaul, he was able to briefly travel to Sodor in 2016 for a Ffestiniog reunion.

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Welsh Pony is portrayed in his green livery and has the same faces as SI3D's Wilbert model.

Little GiantEdit


Little Giant was built in 1867 and apparently was a hard working engine. He was also quite cheeky, often being rude and vulgar at times. However, he did miss Duke when he left. Little Giant was withdrawn in 1929 and was scrapped later that year. However, some of his parts were used to mend other engines. Some of which are still surviving.

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Because only the surviving engines were made, T1E2H3 used Palmerston's model with Gordon's face for Little Giant.


Mountaineer was built in 1863 and withdrawn and scrapped in 1879, shortly before Duke arrived.

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As such, Mountaineer was only mentioned in the final cut. He was, however, going to appear in the original script, where Duke was present when he was withdrawn. However, this was cut out for time issues and T1E2H3 felt it too dark for the tone of the episode.


Season 3Edit

  • Duke's Reunion: Little Giant only appears in a flashback and Mountaineer is only mentioned, though again, appeared in the original script.

Trainz ModelsEdit

The models of Princess, Prince, Palmerston, and Welsh Pony are all reskins of SI3D's 2006 model of Duke by TheFattHatt.