*Not to be confused with the actual TV episode. Go here for info about it.

Double Teething Troubles is the third story of More Branch Line Engines and and the third in Thomas1Edward2Henry3's Railway Series. It is also RWS style adaptation of the fifth season episode of the same name.


The Fat Controller arrives at the China Clay Works and prevents Bill and Ben from causing trouble and informs them that a new Diesel will be arriving, to which BoCo responds that they'd better get back to work, but secretly the Fat Controller is worried as the new Diesel will have teething troubles. This is proved to be true as when the Diesel starts climbing Gordon's hill his wheels spin violently and doesn't move anywhere, until BoCo arrives with the workmen and comforts the Diesel. The news soon spreads and on Thomas' BranchLine Thomas tells Percy about the Diesel's Teething Troubles, but Percy misinterprets it as Tooth Ache and tells this to Bill and Ben when he goes to collect China Clay, the twins are worried as they believe toothache to be a bad condition in diesels before they are ordered to take trucks to the docks. When they arrive, they tell Edward and Duck who laugh and explain about Teething Troubles and the Diesels cooling system. The Diesel arrives and agrees to push the train from behind while Bill and Ben pull from the front. The Journey begins smoothly, however when they approach the same hill the Diesel overheats and they stop near the top of the hill. The drivers conclude by saying that the twins can finish the Journey but pulling the Diesel too to which the wins agree and arrive at the docks just in time. That night the Fat Controller congratulates Bill and Ben but informs them that the Diesel will be repaired and has been given the name Derek, but that night Bill, Ben, Duck and BoCo talk about Derek all night long.



  • The scene where Bill and Ben collide on the points was not filmed as it was too difficult to preform the stunt.
  • Edward was not in the original TV episode. Originally, he was going to replace Duck's role (as he works on the Arlesburgh Branch), but instead was added alongside.


  • Edward's tender was missing in this story.