DarthWill3 is a voice actor. Judging by his accent, he is American.


  • Diesel (How the Diesel Stole Christmas-Episode XV, The Most Famous Engine)
  • Spencer (Episode XII, The Most Famous Engine)
  • Bill and Ben (Episode XV, Revenge of the Ghost Train)
  • Crimson (The Search for Smudger)
  • Alfred (NWR Origins, Night Express to Vicarstown, The Most Famous Engine, Revenge of the Ghost Train)


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NWR OriginsEdit


  • Thomas1Edward2Henry3 thought he was English at first (due to his brilliant English diesel voice) until he came across a dub of Thomas and Gordon by him.
  • Bill and Ben's voices have been pitched.
  • His voice for both Alfred/98462 and Spencer are an imitation of actor Tim Curry.