D261 (also known as Class 40 or The Diesel) D4711 (in the Railway Series), or simply Diesel was a Class 40 diesel who worked in the midlands.


D261 worked in the Midland Region of British Railways. As such, he met Donald and Douglas (Who also worked there) and (much like other mainland diesels) insulted them. In 1962, D261 briefly visited Sodor on the last day of Stepney's visit. D261 insulted the engines once again, however karma soon came to him before he could take the express, and his air intake sucked in an inspector's bowler hat. Stepney and Duck had to push him into a shed and they took the express instead. After he was repaired, he was sent back to the mainland.

In the 1970s and 1980s, many of the class 40s, along with other older diesels, were replaced with more high speed diesels and electrics and began to be scrapped, with a few exceptions. D261 was not one of them. Withdrawn in December 1983, he was cut up in the March of 1984.