Coach Trouble is the first story of More Branch Line Engines, and the first in T1E2H3's Railway Series. It was uploaded on August 3, 2015.


Everyday Edward takes a special commuter train which consist of orange coaches which have had many adventures with him, though are very old so The Fat Controller sends them away for repair and tells Edward that brand new modern British Rail Coaches are going to be put on trial. When Edward approaches the Yard he sees Gordon and James admiring the new coaches with awe, however when Edward backs down onto them they are very rude and insult him. The coaches introduce themselves as Beverly and Jennifer and when Edward enters his Branch the screech along the rails and continue to insult the railway. When Edward left a station the coaches held their brakes on and the rest of the Journey remained very difficult for Edward so that when he arrives at the final station, Boco noticed that he was worn out and Beverly and Jennifer continue to insult him. Eventually as the days go on Edward tries his best to ignore the coaches but becomes more worn out and eventually his couplings have to be replaced. Donald is sent to do Edward's work but unlike Edward is very easily irritated by the coaches. On the Journey Back Donald is so irritated that he doesn't concentrate on what he's doing, takes the bend to fast leading to the coaches coming off the rails. The Fat Controller was very annoyed and spoke to Donald severely, but admitted that Beverly and Jennifer were trouble so sent them away. Edward told Donald that in future it is best to ignore any foolish Engines, Coaches, Trucks or People, but before he could conclude Duck arrives with his old orange coaches repaired and looking as good as new and the Fat Controller promises that whatever happens, Edward will keep his old coaches which makes Edward very pleased.



  • This story went through many working titles, such as New Coaches, Edward's New Coaches, Conceited Coaches, Modern Troubles, and Edward and Donald's Modern Troubles.
  • Originally, Beverly and Jennifer were going to be modern InterCity 125 coaches but this was changed as in real life, they wouldn't couple up to the traditional buffers.
  • Events from Edward's Exploit, are shown in a flashback.
  • Beverly and Jennifer's voices were pitched as they sounded too masculine, like D199, normally.
  • Beverly and Jennifer are the first female antagonists in Thomas1Edward2Henry3's Thomas universe.