Carson0802200 is a voice actor who joined the voice-cast of The Engines of Sodor since 2014.


Carson0802200 is best known for his Trainz Remake Stories which he does on both RWS stories and Thomas TV Series. In April-July 2015 he remade Thomas and the Fat Controllers Engines alongside TheScotsmanReturns. However since there was no videotape recording he had to use voice actors for the book.


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  • Carson is best known for his voice of the Fat Controller but as Thomas1Edward2Henry3 already did a very good voice for the Fat Controller, he remained in the role.
  • Carson is known for adding background comments among other characters, such as the Trucks, Signalmen, comments such as "Fuck me" "My life sucks". He also make jokes in the remakes, such as that The Fat Controller is annoyed that he can't call Percy "Scone"