The Brendam Branch, also known as Edward's Branch Line, is a line on the North Western Railway that runs from Wellsworth to Brendam.


As Brendam Docks is a major port for passengers and freight to Sodor, the Brendam branch is very highly traveled. The local starts at Wellsworth with a stop at Suddery and ends at Brendam. There is also several express trains that start at Knapford and run nonstop all the way down to Brendam. There is a small extension beyond Brendam to the China Clay Works, but this is only for freight. There is also a small line going west that used to lead to a major flour mill until it was knocked down and a resort is being built in it's place. However, construction was seriously delayed after a bridge on that line collapsed.


  • Wellsworth
  • Lower Suddery
  • Brendam Town
  • Brendam Docks
  • China Clay Works (freight only)
  • Brendam Resort (opening 2017)

Engines Edit

Edward and Dennis run the passenger service. The Quarry work is handled by BoCo and Derek and the Harbour work is handled by Salty and Porter. The China Clay Quarry owns 3 engines, Bill, Ben, and Timothy.

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