The Brendam Branch, also known as Edward's Branch Line, is a line on the North Western Railway that runs from Wellsworth to Brendam.


As Brendam Docks is a major port for passengers and freight to Sodor, the Brendam branch is very highly traveled. The local starts at Wellsworth with a stop at Suddery and ends at Brendam. There is also several express trains that start at Knapford and run nonstop all the way down to Brendam. There is a small extension beyond Brendam to the China Clay Works, but this is only for freight. There is also a small line going west that used to lead to a major flour mill until it was knocked down and a resort is being built in it's place. However, construction was seriously delayed after a bridge on that line collapsed.


  • Wellsworth
  • Lower Suddery
  • Brendam Town
  • Brendam Docks
  • China Clay Works (freight only)
  • Brendam Resort (opening 2017)

Engines Edit

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