BoCo (also mis-capitalized as Boco) is a Green Diesel who works on the Brendam Branch Line with Edward, Bill and Ben.


BoCo was built in 1958 at Bowesfield Works in England and arrived on Sodor in 1965 to help Edward on his Branch Line. He apparently had a few teething troubles but was fixed by The Fat Controller. One day, he accidentally took Bill and Ben's China Clay Trucks, which made them very angry. They thought he was a "Diseasel", and played a trick on him. They pretended they were one engine and kept going forward and back on opposite tracks to make it seem as if the one engine was quickly changing tracks. This made BoCo giddy, and he apologized for taking the trucks. He now keeps Bill and Ben in order on the Branch Line.

In an alternate universe 1995, BoCo was going to come with the Breakdown Train from Wellsworth after Gordon was stuck between a sinkhole and a fallen tree, but it was found out the latter wasn't there, nor was the Breakdown train. Henry was instead sent to deal with the predicament. However, he ended up in the accident, as well. A few hours later, both BoCo and James were sent to help clear the accident, and he later dropped both Gordon and Henry off at The Sodor Steamworks.

In June of 2013, BoCo was one of the first engines to encounter Wretch the horrid tanker. Later, he helped with the evacuation of The China Clay Works during the massive flood of August. In March of 2014, BoCo was brought to the Ffarquhar Branch while Thomas was being mended.

Trainz ModelsEdit

The Sudrian Community's model of BoCo was used at first, with the SI3D 2006 model occasionally used if the other didn't work properly. From The Search for Smudger onwards, SI3D's 2012 model was used.


BoCo is based on a BR Class 28.


BoCo is one of the friendliest diesels on the island. He is very wise and is always willing to lend a helping hand.

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BoCo will likely appear in Revenge of the Ghost Train

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BoCo first appeared in the Season 2 episode The Diseasel. He then appeared in every season since until the sixth. He did not speak in Season 4.

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  • BoCo was the first character to speak in The Engines of Sodor.
  • In T1E2H3's RWS, Thomas1Edward2Henry3 gives BoCo a Manchester accent to reflect on where he was built.
  • Along with Culdee and Rusty, BoCo was one of the only ERTL models that Thomas1Edward2Henry3 owned.
  • BoCo is one of the only major classic characters that hasn't been brought back since the 7th season yet, alongside Duke.
  • BoCo has never had a main role in the RWS or TV Series.