• Toby7Duck8Donald

    I'm going to be blocked for 22 weeks because i vandalized pages and i was adding a fake picture, so, i'm going to be blocked for Christmas.

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  • Mecha-Thomas

    Character Order

    February 13, 2018 by Mecha-Thomas

    This is a suggestion for people adding characters to episode articles. It's easier to do the characters in the order as is follows: Standard Gauge Steam Engines (1-11, then any others; i.e., Thomas, Edward, Henry, Gordon)

    Standard Gauge Diesel Engines (in order of introduction in the Railway & TV Series Characters; some respectively)

    Standard Gauge Rolling Stock (Annie, Clarabel, Henrietta, Victoria, Toad, then any others)

    Narrow Gauge Steam Engines (1-4, 6-8 & 1-8, Skarloey Railway Engines & Culdee Fell Railway Engines, respectively, then others)

    Narrow Gauge Diesel Engines (Rusty, Fred, Niles, then others)

    Arlesdale Railway Steam Engines (Bert, Rex, Mike, Jock, then others)

    Arlesdale Railway Diesel Engines (Frank, Blister Twins 1 & 2, Sigrid o…

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  • Wikiawrider

    You all probably woder "Why did they do this?" well, here is the truth.

    It seems to that the SI3D team, claims that we don't respect the team, again little group always ruins it for the bigger group. Their site has been removed, which means no one now can download Thomas related models from SI3D (Which had perhaps the best models). I wannna thank all these who didn't showed them respect, now no one who gets Trainz because they want to make their own Thomas videos can get the models...

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