Beverly and Jennifer were two nasty coaches from the mainland who were brought on trial on Edward's Branch Line.


Beverly and Jennifer were built around 1970. They were used on commuter services in the United Kingdom. They were given to the Fat Controller in 1998 for a trial (likely because BR thought they were nasty), which didn't go well at all. They couldn't get around sharp bends easily and had very fidgety brakes. Edward pulled them while his orange coaches were being repaired. He put up with their rudeness until they wore out his coupling. Donald took over but his temper was short and made the coaches act worse. Eventually, Donald was going too fast (because he was angry) when he went over the sharp bend and the two coaches derailed. Both were sent back to the mainland immediately. They were likely scrapped due to their horrid behavior.

Trainz ModelEdit

The default BR Mark 2 coaches which were built into Trainz 2010 were used.


As stated above, Beverly and Jennifer are British Rail Mark 2 coaches. Beverly is a regular carriage while Jennifer is a brake carriage.


Beverly and Jennifer are extremely rude and vulgar. They do not like steam engines (being used to diesels) and treated Edward and Donald with extreme disrespect. They are also very concerned about their image, which is another reason they hate steam engines.

T1E2H3's RWS AppearancesEdit

More Branch Line EnginesEdit

It is unlikely they will appear again.


  • Beverly and Jennifer are the first female real antagonists in Thomas1Edward2Henry3's universe and perhaps the whole fandom. The TV show wouldn't have a female antagonist until the 2017 special Journey Beyond Sodor which introduced Frankie.
  • They are also the first antagonists to be coaches, rather than trucks or diesels.
  • Originally, Beverly and Jennifer were going to have faces edited in with photo editing but this would have been to time consuming and difficult.
  • Beverly and Jennifer are the first fan characters introduced in Thomas1Edward2Henry3's Railway Series.

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