Beverly and Jennifer were two coaches from the mainland who were brought on trial on Edward's Branch Line while his other coaches were being repaired. The two gained a poor reputation for being rather snooty and nasty towards Edward, and were eventually sent away due to their misbehavior and troublemaking. They are the main antagonists of More Branch Line Engines.


Beverly and Jennifer were built around 1970 for use on commuter services in the United Kingdom. They were given to the Fat Controller in 1998 for a trial, where they began causing problems for Edward. They couldn't go around sharp bends easily, they had very fidgety brakes, and they complained constantly. Edward reluctantly accepted their rudeness until their misbehavior wore out his coupling. From there, Donald was assigned to them, but the coaches' poor attitude and complaining annoyed Donald greatly. Eventually, Donald's anger got the better of him, and the coaches derailed as he went too fast at a sharp bend in the track. Both Beverly and Jennifer were sent back to the mainland after the accident, although it is unknown what happened to them afterwards.

Trainz ModelEdit

The default BR Mark 2 coaches which were built into Trainz 2010 were used.


Beverly and Jennifer are based on British Rail Mark 2 coaches. Beverly is a regular carriage while Jennifer is a brake carriage.


Beverly and Jennifer are rude, snooty and vulgar. They do not like steam engines, and treated Edward and Donald with extreme disrespect. They are also very concerned about their image, which is another reason they hate steam engines.

T1E2H3's RWS AppearancesEdit

More Branch Line EnginesEdit

It is unlikely they will appear again.


  • Beverly and Jennifer are the first female antagonists in Thomas1Edward2Henry3's universe. The TV series wouldn't have a female antagonist until the 2017 special Journey Beyond Sodor which introduced Frankie.
  • They are also the first antagonists to be coaches, rather than trucks or diesels.
  • Originally, Beverly and Jennifer were going to have faces edited in, but this idea was later scrapped, as it would have been too time consuming and difficult.
  • Beverly and Jennifer are the first original characters introduced in Thomas1Edward2Henry3's Railway Series.
  • Beverly and Jennifer's voices had their pitch altered, as they sounded too masculine, like D199, normally.