Bertram is a brown narrow gauge tender engine who works on the Skarloey Railway.


Bertram was built around 1880 and arrived on the Mid Sodor Railway in 1904 with the name Smudger joining Duke and the other mid-sodor engines. He had many accidents on the railway until he placed as a generator at the back of the shed. He was later renamed and put to work as a Tank Engine in the Quarry on the Skarloey Railway line before falling off the rails and ending up in the river. He was rebuilt into a member of Duke's class and being placed back in service on the Mid-Sodor Railway where he worked at the mines until he was later found in 1998 and renumbered 10.

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Both Bertram and Smudger were made for Trainz 2006 by SI3D.


Bertram is a Small England tender engine, much like Duke and Palmerston. This is a redesign, as he was originally based off of the locomotive Dolgoch from the Talyllyn Railway in Wales, much like Rheneas.


When Bertram first arrived on Sodor as Smudger, he was a very careless and rude engine who had many accidents. The time as a generator, though, gave him time to rethink his careless ways and he became a hard working engine when he was rebuilt. After he lost his memory in 1929, he became very cheerful to the extreme, which often annoyed the others.


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Both Bertram and Smudger are two different characters in the TV series. However, they are both similar in that they only appeared in one episode.

Smudger only appeared in the pilot of the fourth season, Granpuff. He appeared in a flashback, and his model was then repainted into Rheneas. It is likely he will never appear again.

Bertram only appeared in the fifth season episode Toby's Discovery, and he did not speak. Duke's model was repainted to create him, and he used Smudger's face. This could explain why he never appeared again. He was supposed to be a tank engine according to Britt Allcroft, but financial difficulty prevented them from creating a new model. However, he was necessary for the story so they modified another character at the last minute. After the events of the fifth season, Bertram's model was later reverted back to Duke.


  • Despite his very brief appearance, Smudger became one of T1E2H3's favorite characters after he resumed watching Thomas on Youtube.
  • In the Railway Series, Bertram was replaced by Stanley (No 2).