Bertie is a red bus who often operates the route that runs by the Ffarquhar Branch Line.


Bertie was built sometime between 1929 and 1948 and arrived on Sodor prior or in 1949. He rescued Thomas's passengers after he got stuck in the snow, and the two formally met one day when Thomas was waiting at a junction. Bertie claimed he could go faster than Thomas, which Thomas snootily disagreed. The two had a race and Bertie lost but congratulated Thomas, and they became good friends.

Despite claiming they probably won't race again, Thomas and Bertie have had many small races, two being in 2003 and 2015.

In 1995, Gordon and the express were involved in being stuck between a sinkhole on the track and a fallen tree. Bertie and several other buses were called in to take the passengers either to their homes or to Vicarstown.

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The model of Bertie used is by TheGermanEngine and was posted on DeviantArt.


Bertie is a AEC Regal T Class bus.


Bertie can occasionally be a little cocky and is proud of his road. However, he is very friendly and is always willing to help. He has a friendly rivalry with Thomas.

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Bertie also appeared in a deleted scene of Haunted Henry.

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Bertie has appeared in every season, being the only road character to do so. He did not speak in Seasons 4, 13, and 20. He also appeared in Thomas and the Magic Railroad, The Great Discovery (did not speak), Misty Island Rescue (cameo), Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure, and the Great Race (cameo). He is voiced by Keith Wickham in both the UK and US and was previously voiced by Rupert Degas until the 17th season and Kevin Frank in Thomas and the Magic Railroad.