Bear, formerly D7101 is a diesel who works on the North Western Railway. He arrived on Sodor in 1967.


Bear was originally known as D7101, and came to Sodor on loan with another diesel named D199. His companion was blatantly arrogant, and bad-mouthed the steam engines. Vulgar noises greeted this, until Duck and D7101 managed to shut up D199.

The next day, 7101's injector failed while pulling a passenger train named "the Limited". Henry, who was already towing 199 and his train of oil tankers, came to help; 7101 was still able to move by himself with some help from Henry. To the passengers' delight, Flying Scotsman took their train, while Donald took away the tankers and Henry helped 7101 home. Along the way, Henry told the diesel about his failed regulator. 7101's opinion of steam engines was greatly changed after the incident.

The engines persuaded Sir Topham Hatt to let 7101 stay on the North Western Railway, and renamed him "Bear." Bear liked this name, saying it meant he "really belonged." Even James, who was the last to accept diesels, could not help but like him. It later was revealed Bear pulls the Express when either Gordon, Henry and James are busy. Bear also did Henry's duties while Henry was at the Works.

In 2014, when D199 was given a second chance on Sodor, Bear was not really happy to see him due to his past attitude.


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Bear first appeared in the Railway Series book Enterprising Engines. He made his last physical appearance in the book James and the Diesel Engines, where he did not speak. However, he was mentioned in Gordon the High-Speed Engine and was last mentioned in Henry and the Express.