Arry and Bert are 2 yellow diesels who work at the Sodor Ironworks.


Not much is known about Arry and Bert's history. They were present at Barrow Scrapyards whilst Oliver was imprisoned. When Stepney accidentally wandered into the scrapyards whilst visiting in 1998, they tried to put him into the smelting pot but the Fat Controller saved Stepney in the nick of time. It is likely they were severely reprimanded and punished afterwords, though it is still debatable whether the Fat Controller or the Ironworks have control over them.

The two seemed to have mended some of their evil ways, but still loved to play tricks on the engines, as Percy and James found out.

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Arry and Bert's models were created by Sodor Workshops. Previously, models by the user CMBurgess from the Trainz Download Station were used as well as briefly Hilltrack's models.


Arry and Bert are Class 08 Diesel Shunters, the most produced of the BR diesels. Almost 1,000 were made. Diesel, Splatter, Dodge, Paxton, Sidney, and The Black Class 08s share the same basis.


When Arry and Bert were first introduced, they were perhaps the most evil engines of the TV series. When they re-appeared though, they were tamed down, though still mischievous.


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Arry and Bert first appeared in the fifth season episode Stepney Gets Lost. Oddly enough, |Arry was not named and Bert did not speak. The two then appeared in every season since except the tenth, thirteenth, seventeenth, and twentieth, and Bert did not appear in the nineteenth (which Arry's appearance was only a cameo). Arry has always been voiced by Kerry Shale in both dubs, whilst Bert was also voiced by Shale until the sixteenth season in the US. He was then replaced with William Hope.