Annie and Clarabel are Thomas's two orange coaches that he uses for passenger service on the Ffarquhar Branch.


Annie and Clarabel were built in 1896, with Annie being built first apparently. They likely came to Sodor when the NWR was completed in 1915. They were used on local trains with Edward, Eagle, James and Henry along with the other orange coaches. In 1945, they were given to Thomas for his branch line and and their names painted on them. Annie and Clarabel have been very loyal to Thomas and he is extremely fond of them. They had a major overhaul in the summer of 1998.

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SI3D's 2012 models of Annie and Clarabel are used. Before How the Diesel Stole Christmas, the 2009 models were used.


In the TV series, Annie and Clarabel appear to be LB&SCR Stroudley four-wheeled coaches.

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Annie and Clarabel have appeared in every season and special. They also appear in the intro to every season. They did not speak in Seasons 13 to 16. They are both voiced by Theresa Gallagher.


  • Annie and Clarabel were the first female characters in the TV Show.