Episode I: A Wretched Day for Henry and James is the first episode of the first season as well as the pilot episode of The Engines of Sodor. It was uploaded on June 13, 2013.


One day, BoCo is shunting some trucks in the yard when he spots a tanker he's never seen before. The tanker eyes BoCo suspiciously, making BoCo uneasy. BoCo says hello, only to hear a growl from the tanker, and tells BoCo he should just p*ss off. BoCo says that the tanker is the rudest truck he'd ever meant, and asks where its manners are. The tanker responds, "Go boil your flesh, you big green booger!" BoCo is shocked by this and he leaves the yard in a rage.

Later, BoCo meets up with Duck and tells him about the tanker. The 5700 Tank Engine says he's heard of the tanker. It's privately owned, and used by transporting highly flammable substances. Duck calls this tanker Wretch. BoCo remarks that it's a good name and that the tanker is one. James puffs alongside the two engines, having been eavesdropping on the conversation. He asks, "What on earth is a wrench?" Duck tells James that the tanker's name is Wretch and not Wrench. Duck tells James about the tanker, James interrupts saying that he knows everything about trucks and boasts that trucks are a "piece of cake" for him and they wouldn't DARE cause trouble for James. Duck remarks sarcastically, "Yeah, sure. That accident on your first day happened for no reason." James angrily snaps back "It was my crappy wooden brakes, and where'd learn that from?!" Duck says to James that Thomas, Percy and Toby tell them a lot. BoCo teases James by saying he heard tell of an engine and some tar wagons. James snaps, "SHUT UP!! As soon as I see that truck, I'll bang him so hard he'll break to smithereens! HA!" BoCo remarks that he'd like to see James try.

That evening, at the sheds, James tells the other engines about what he'd heard about Wretch. Percy admits Duck is right, as the tanker is a nightmare for him. Henry snorts as that Percy's a small engine is why Wretch is rude to him, as Wretch would "never" cause trouble for Henry. Gordon groans as it remind him of that stupid steamroller. Henry thinks he'll do "well" with the tanker, which of course he has never meant.

The next morning, Henry arrives at Maron, where he meets Wretch, calling him "Wrench", and after being called "big" and "fat", Henry remarks that Wretch really is a troublesome truck, but tells Wretch to not cause any trouble and expects him to behave. After leaving Maron, the trucks begin to plot among themselves.

The trucks reach Gordon's Hill where they decide to carry out their naughty act. Henry's driver tells Henry it's time to slow down, the trucks push him down the hill. Henry shouts, "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?! STOP!!!" Wretch replies that they're making easier for Henry. He goes faster and faster as he approaches Wellsworth. Henry desperately tries to stop, but sees Edward's train ahead! Henry brakes as hard as he can, and bumps into Edward's train.

As soon as Henry stops, he can't move. His driver examines him and sees that Henry had cracked his pistons and snapped his wheels. It's either a crane, or a very long and painful journey to the works. James soon arrives with the Breakdown Train and with Sir Topham Hatt on board. James teases Henry as he said he could control trucks, but they make him look disgraceful. Henry says to James that he's despicable. Sir Topham Hatt says to Edward since he's capable of handling trucks, he orders him to take him to the harbor, and BoCo will take his passengers.

The evening, Edward finally makes it back to the shed, being exhausted. James finds it a great joke saying "First Henry, and then Edward? My, my, Green and blue must be very bad colors for an engine. I'm red you see and-" Gordon interrupts, saying "Oh for God's sake, SHUT UP!!!!!" James retorts "I'd rather not. I'm a splendid red engine, and I know everything. You're just a fat, pompous blue sausage. HA!" A noisy argument soon erupts between everyone. Edward, being the only one not involved says "Ugh, I can't stand this!" Edward whistles, sends out steam and screams "QUUIIIIEEETTTTT!!!!!!!!!!", stopping the argument. Edward then says "If James thinks he can pull that dirty old tanker, then he'll show us tomorrow, eh?" James snorts, "Pah! I'll show you how to handle that tanker."

The next morning, James arrives at Knapford to collect his train, Wretch says, "No, no! We want a proper engine! Not a red ding-bat!" James says, "Ding-bat, eh? We'll see about that!" James whistles and starts off, with screaming trucks, James shuts them up.

James soon reaches Gordon's Hill, and Wretch whispers, "Hold back. Hold back." James remarks, "Wow, this tanker really is a pain in the boiler, but I mustn't let him beat me!" James puffs slowly up the hill. He almost gets to the top, when Wretch snaps the coupling! James runs backwards to catch his runaway train. The brake van tries to stop the trucks, but the load is too heavy. The runaway train races through Wellsworth. James catches up with his train, but BoCo is on the same line! A crash cannot be prevented. James apologizes to BoCo, who says it's fine and suggests someone should go get the Breakdown Train.

Toby and Duck arrive with the Breakdown Train with Sir Topham Hatt. Sir Topham Hatt says that if Wretch had sprung a leak, any spark could've caused a big bang and many people could have easily died from it. James apologizes, but Sir Topham Hatt says none of this was his fault, it was the stupid trucks. BoCo says it was mostly Wretch. Sir Topham Hatt says he's had it with the tanker, and he orders Duck as soon as he gets Wretch back on the rails, he should take him to the harbor and dump him in the sea. Wretch shouts, "YOU CAN'T DO THAT!! I'M PRIVATE!!!" Sir Topham Hatt says that if the owner asks, tell him Wretch was destroyed in a crash.

After the incident, James stops boasting. The trucks are still troublesome, but James has learned to control them and they always behave behind his tender. Even Gordon gets impressed with James, but often teases him. However James ignores him and thinks Gordon is being very silly indeed.


Voice CastEdit


  • This is the only episode to have WayNoPercy6 as a voice actor. He never responded to Youtube messages afterwards so Percy was replaced by Thomas1Edward2Henry3. 
  • The audio quality of the narration is noticeably lower than later episodes. This is because a higher quality microphone was bought after this was uploaded and has been used ever since. 
  • This is the only episode to have Thomas1Edward2Henry3 as Edward. The role was replaced by EnterprisingEngine93 starting in Episode IV. 
  • Villain: Wretch 

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