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|- ! Number | 107.

|- ! Built | 1915

|- ! Arrived on Sodor | n/a

|- ! Color | LB&SCR Brown

|- ! Configuration | 0-6-0

|- ! Current Voice Actor | 22Tesla

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|- ! Date of Birth | {Template:Seventh'''Unknown''

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107is a friendly and lazy E2 tank engine and one of Thomas's brothers.


107 was built in 1915 and was a prototype E2. However he was considered a close brother of Thomas (then known as 108) as all the other brothers of Thomas apart from 107 where cruel to him and would often call Thomas a 'goof ball and a clown'. 107 is described as a lazy tank engine but doesn't like too much work. In May 1915, 107 wished Thomas the best and wished him good luck before he was shipped to Sodor, but was instead shipped to Ireland and Thomas, who was meant to go to Ireland, was shipped to Sodor. It was eventually decided that Thomas could stay on Sodor and 107 could stay in Ireland.

As told he did work in the same Meat Factory where Thomas was originally set to work. However, it is unknown what happened to 107 during the decline of steam during the 1960s. Going by real life history, as the real 107 was the first E2 to be withdrawn from service in February 1961 and scrapped later that year, it can be assumed that he was as well.

Trainz ModelsEdit

107's model was an E2 reskin of Thomas from Northwestern Railways 3D.


107 is based on a LB&SCR Billington E2 Class tank engine. The Class was built from June 1913 to October 1916. They were all withdrawn and cut up for scrap from February 1961 to April 1963.

The real 107 was built in 1916. It was first member of its class was to be withdrawn from service in February 1961 and was scrapped shortly afterwards.

NWR Origins AppearancesEdit

Voice ActorsEdit


  • 107 was a fan created character made by T1E2H3. It is unknown if he will be seen again.

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